Indicators and Analysis

AED Mode with visual and acoustic instructions Metronome for chest compressions

All-in-one solution

Compact plug-in modules with the functionalities of High-End ventilator, monitor and defibrillator replace the whole range of critical care stationary and mobile devices.


Synchronization and Auto Synchronization Modes

All preclinical & clinical phases

Flat, space saving wall mounting, mobile backpack and on-stretcher-frame allow continuous patient attendance throughout all pre- and clinical critical care phases.

All patient groups

Adults, Children, Neonates
One universal unit for all patient groups, from neonates weighting 300g up to overweight adults.


Waveforms and Loops Measured and calculated parameters with lung mechanics data Capnography (Mainstream or Sidestream)

Masimo Rainbow Technology

The multi wavelength Masimo Rainbow  technology increases the monitoring spectrum, by adding measurements for SpHb , SpCO , SpOC , SpMet  and ORI .


Accurate, steady control of endotracheal cuff pressure

All Modes

Invasive Ventilation: PCV, VCV, PCV a/c, VCV a/c, PCVR, PC-SIMV, VC-SIMV, CPAP, MMV, APRV, BiLevel Noninvasive Ventilation: PCV, PCV a/c, PCVR, PC-SIMV, CPAP, APRV, BiLevel Low and High Flow Oxygen Therapy: up to 80 L/min

Quick Start & Intuitive UI

3-Steps Quick-Start for routine hospital application Fast access to all modes of ventilation


The Jenny Critical Care System offers invasive and noninvasive mechanical ventilation, high flow oxygen therapy, multiparameter patient monitoring, decision-support tools, as well as Biphasic professional defibrillation, for all patient groups


The Hybrid Ventilator Jenny combines the functionalities of critical care and transport ventilators with an exclusive hybrid drive, for all patient categories, in a modular design.


The Patient Monitor Jenny offers multiparameter patient monitoring as well as decision-support tools, capnography, gas analysis, and a built-in printer, in a lightweight, compact design.


The Defibrillator Jenny provides professional defibrillation, external pacemaker therapy and AED mode, for all patient categories, in a modular design.

Key Features

Biphasic Defibrillation

Biphasic defibrillation with energy selection (up to 200 J).

Cardiac Synchronization

Standard and Auto Synchronization modes.

AED Mode

Automated External Defibrillation.

Cardiac Pacemaker

Fixed, demand and overdrive modes.

Flexible selection of electrodes

Paddles, adhesive Pads and Internal paddles (spoons).

Integration of Patient Monitoring

Compact design to combine with the Monitoring Module.

Patented Hybrid: Flexible Drive selection

Hybrid drive: Compressed Air, Oxygen and Turbine – matches the treatment requirements for intra-clinical, transport and/or extra-clinical settings.

Air Source Backup

No low compressed air pressure or hose disconnection risks! The Air Backup Source prevents from interruption of ventilation, by ensuring constant delivery of flow to the patient.

Respiratory Support

Invasive and Non-invasive Ventilation, standard and advanced modes and strategies throughout all phases of acute and critical care. High Flow Oxygen Therapy up to 80 l/min.

All patient groups: Adults, children, neonates

With a minimal VT of 2 mL, up to 3000 mL, Jenny Ventilator supports all patient groups, from preterm neonates to over-weighted adults.

Endotracheal cuff pressure control

Constant, automatic endotracheal cuff pressure management for preventing tracheal injuries, tube displacement and/or Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia (VAP).

Flexible selection of accessories

The Jenny Ventilator can be used with a broad spectrum of accessories, including hoses, sensors, filters, nebulizers and humidification systems, to adapt to the requirements of every patient.


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